Středa 24. července, 2024
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List of Sympathizers of a Group Called Czech Defence League

A few month ago this list was released by an unknown author on the website and it was removed after two days.

Warning: the author of this essay is not a native English speaker

The Czech Defence League (CzDL) is a far-right protest movement which opposes what it considers to be a spread of Islamism in the Czech Republic and over the whole Europe. It was established a few years ago and a inspiration was the English Defence League. According to the Report on Extremism in the Territory of the Czech Republic in 2012 the Defence League characterizes itself as an apolitical organization with the aim of protection of public order, however, its primary aim is an action against immigrants and the Muslim community in particular.

Czech Defence League

Offshoots and Divisions

The first CzDL’s leader credited with being employed as a Science teacher in a University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice is Assoc. Prof. Mgr. Martin Konvička, Ph.D., known as „Konva“.

Another significant person is a leader of training course directed against Muslims, Jiří Barták from České Budějovice. He teaches strategies of manipulation with aim to tarnish the image of Czech Muslims in the eyes of public.

The group includes blogger Lukáš Lhoťan. He is the author of many deceptive and misinformation articles about Islam. This former Muslim has allegedly stolen documents from Brno mosque and released information in his book Islam and Islamism.


In 2013 the sympathizers demanded dismissal of a young teacher Iva Špírková, who converted to Islam. She faced social and verbal attacks via Internet from the fake Facebook profiles and the organization sent several e-mails to her boss calling for her dismissal from work.

The members of the organization have close ties to the group of so-called nationalist hackers. Targets of their attacks were „ideological“ enemies, particularly submitters of multiculturalism. For instance they published the personal e-mails of Muneeb Alrawi.

Their islamohobia often results in the desecration of mosques. This is for example reflected in pig bone and pork tossing around a mosque. Furthermore they spilled a lot of pig urine into the soil in front of the Ministry of the Interior where the Muslims prayed after the police raid last Friday.

The CzDL decided to oust Palestinian Embassy after the safe explosion that killed the Palestinian ambassador Jamal al-Jamal. A student, who wrote an article about their protest in front of the Embassy, had to face pressure on her expulsion from school.

Strategies for the Fight Against Muslims

Opponents of multiculturalism hold training courses on strategies of manipulations and disinformation near Veselí nad Lužnicí. Their aim is to harm Muslims via the Internet, push an islamophobic falsehood and propaganda in the press, TV and radio, distort the public debate on Islam, infiltrate European Muslim community and influence political decisions.

They have many fake Facebook profiles and attack their victims together. These non-existent people pretend that they know their victim from the real life and tag them as mentally disturbed. Somebody claims he is a teacher, others pretend schoolmates or a psychologists, policemen, lawyers. They call for victim’s dismissal from work, expulsion from school. Their strategies resemble cyberbullying.

Follow the list of sympathizers of a group called CzDL and IvČRN, unfortunately, we have decided not to publish it.