Středa 29. května, 2024
Evropský rozhled

Editorial office of the disinformation web AENews moved to the Wall Street Trump Building

40 Wall Street.jpgEditorial office of the disinformation web AENews moved from Eindhoven in Netherlands to the Wall Street Trump Building, as follows from contacts listed at

28th store of the total 70, where the editorial office is supposed to sit, is special, though, from another point of view. At this floor San Francisco based CloudVO provides low cost virtual office space.

Corporate identity including e-mail, local phone number and prestigious address is available for approx. 162$.

It was however impossible to find any official source which would support the claim, there is any, even virtual seat of Aeronet’s editorial office at Trump Building’s address. The ostensibly New York phone number is in fact provided via new VoIP internet call technology, available for about 1$.

Translated by Joachym S.